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Leaving Los Angeles and her career in television in 2009, Eva Kosmas Flores moved to Portland, Oregon, to focus on her love of cooking and gardening. Informed by her film school background and passion for photography, she launched an award-winning blog, Adventures in Cooking, to record her efforts and a business, First We Eat, that hosts sold-out global photography workshops, secret pop-up dinners, and a podcast. Eva's approach to food, which has appealed to so many of her fans, is inspired by her heritage-her grandparents owned a farm in Greece and her parents ran a Greek deli in the US. She grew up helping to make batches of baklava, tzatziki, and kopanisti, while pitching in with her family garden. Greek influences are woven throughout her recipes, as is an infectious enthusiasm for seasonal produce. Often faced with the good problem of having too many heirloom tomatoes, watermelons, peppers, cherries, and so on from her garden, Eva has undertaken rigorous recipe testing to discover the most delicious, creative ways to make use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. She serves the dishes at her pop-dinners, always refining based on feedback, and is an expert at artful presentation. Moving through the year season by season, Eva's book offers more than 100 of her favorite discoveries, innovative recipes for drinks, snacks, main courses, and desserts, such as: Summer Squash Fritters with Cucumber Tzatziki, Grilled Broccoli & Avocado Tacos with Tomatillo Salsa, Rosemary Rolls with a Jasmine Green Tea Glaze, Huckleberry Lattice-Topped Pie, and Watermelon Mint Blossom Granita. Showcasing her sensational, atmospheric photography style, First We Eat is a richly illustrated introduction to Eva's approach of cooking, celebrating the incredible seasonal produce of the Pacific Northwest, Mediterranean influences, beautiful presentations, and simple preparations, designed to share with friends and family.


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